Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Services Logos

I think that this is a well designed logo. The red "e" contrasts with the three "C's" to create a visual hierarchy that makes me look at the letters in the correct order for the name of the company. Also the simple illustrations that create the letterforms, tell me that they are a cable company without me needing to read the name of the company. This logo is simple, to the point, and sends the message intended by the company.

This logo actually made me laugh. It is so ridiculously simple, but it is simple without intelligence. It makes me wonder if this company could not afford a designer so they got some clip art of the great lakes and placed there type over it using their favorite word processing program. There is no visual connection between the lakes in the background and the text. I am also lost as to why the word "The" and the characters "CO." are set horizontally while the other characters are set at an angle. This design makes so little sense to me in so many ways that it is hard for me to write about because I feel like I could just show it to anyone who had any sense and they would just look at me with a look of understanding and smile most of the explanation of that would be ineffable.

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