Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Retail Logos

This logo works for me for several different reasons. First of all the treatment of the letterforms is fun and young looking which sends what I think would be the intended message that would invite the target audience. It is not overly complex or flashy so I feel that the place looks like a discount store without looking "Cheap".
Neither "Teen" nor "Discount" are overly prominent in the design, I think this is one of the elements that make it look Affordable but not Cheap. I like that the almost hand drawn "TDZ" is used in the design so that after the company has gained enough exposure, just this part of the logo could be used to cause a recall of this message in the audience.

This logo looks confusing and the illustration looks like it was forced into the design. It's readability is questionable at best, due to the cliche (and poorly illustrated) steering wheel that is used as the O in motor sport and put in a black box. On first glance I see MOTORSP Auto. This problem is created by the black box that is behind the steering wheel-O. The alignments of the letters make the design seem even more confusing. Or should I say the lack of alignment. The message I receive from this logo could have been sent more professionally and understandably by using just the word and an old fashion type writer. There is no cohesive flow through the design which might say "We sell vehicles that might not run to smoothly".

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  1. I was surprised to see that this first logo worked for you... I have never heard of 'Teen Discount Zone', but I can only imagine its similar to 'Rainbow', 'Rave' or 'Essence Beauty' in Akron. I happen to like the monochromatic color scheme, just because I'm a sucker for retro styles. However, I think the typography makes the design look dated. It looks like it was created in the 1970's, and draws parallels in my mind to "SchoolHouse Rock" with the bubble letters. I would definitely go there based on the cheap look, knowing that I could find something cheap to go with an outfit. Its unique they put two logos in one, but I think the logo should stand strong by itself. Why is one in red, and the other in purple? The red circle reminds me of "D.A.R.E." to keep kids off drugs. It also looks like a sticker, misplaced, the way its hovering over the top. Sorry, doesn't work for me! :P