Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Manufacturing Logos

The logo for lockheed martin is simple and easily recognizable. The contrast between the solid, bold, sans serif typeface and the light lines that suggest a star gives me a good idea what this corporation is about. Not only does the star make one think of the sky it also is used in our culture to represent something that is great. Also the way that the star is re

ndered to contrast the typeface, makes one think of speed or movement. Since this corporation is highly involved in the flight industry, all of these symbolic meanings work to tell what the corporation does. The best thing is that it does it in such a simple and inconspicuous way.

The logo for H & S manufacturing tells me nothing about what the company does or represents. The simple bold typeface combined with the drop-shadow is a look that is cliche as well as dated. It looks like someone literally just types the characters into adobe illustrator or photoshop and added a layer style. No thought must have gone into this piece other than possibly the color which is something that doesn't tell me anything about the company either. When I see this type of logo (and they are everywhere) I get the feeling that the company hasn't a care about their public image, so why would they care about a quality product?

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