Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Professional Logos

This Logo for a graphics company is simple shows that the company not only understands typography but also is able to use that knowledge to convey the fun feeling of the organization using nothing more than type and its size and position. since this logo is black and does not rely on flashy illustration, there would be no problem using it in many different applications. With a simple variation in the single color of the design it could be used on any color background and the printing cost would be lower for some applications such as on packaging than a fancy multicolor Logo would cost

This Logo is for a graphics company. It is readable(Somewhat) and tells me of the many simple little tricks it can do with textures and printing or displaying on a white background. The problem I see with this Logo is that it is to complex to be quickly read and remembered by a passing audience that is going about there busy day. I Think that it's applications are limited without extensive alterations and special printing considerations. I don't think that this logo tells me much about the company other than the fact that they are a bit confused about the direction that they want to go with their public image. Upon careful consideration of their logo I can see the connection between varieties of letterforms and the name liquid, but for me I have to have a quick sell or it is no sale.

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  1. I don't agree with your good version for this one. I don't think the use of typography is well done. The font looks hand done but the thickness throughout the word power, varies. There are some thin and some thick parts which makes it seem less professional. The lines in the background don't give any indication of what the logo represents. The negative space in between the words creates an awkward break. I think some of your other comparisons are stronger.