Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not for Profit Logos

I think that this logo is smart as well as memorable. Its simple design is memorable on first glance and has a message about the organization. It's design is also smart because on second glance the audience can see that not only represents a puzzle piece, it also represents a child. Both conceptions of the image fit the purpose of the organization that wants to help the quality of life of autistic children. Even more brilliantly it represents playfulness, as in a child's game.

This logo for the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network has several problems that I see. First of all it is so cliche to have circle with the line through it that I highly doubt that it would get much notice from the passing crowd of visual consumers. It may get an initial reaction from some audiences, but that reaction may very well be confusion because the word Aspartame is not blocked out by the red bar and I have no idea what the name of the non-profit group is. Because of the cheap cliche used in the background my memory would not distinguish this organization from a no smoking sign.

1 comment:

  1. The Aspartame logo is a definite no! I agree with you completely. The "no smoking sign" doesn't show good design sense. The outlined type does not help the cause either. It is simple, but done very poorly.

    The Autism logo is clean and simple but I don't necessarily see the correlation between the puzzle piece and the cause besides the fact that it resembles a child. A puzzle piece does not say anything to me about vocalizing the cause for autism. The subtle grey with the blue puzzle piece works well along with the use of type. I don't have a problem with it structurally, just with how the image relates to the cause.